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TMJ Pain Treatment

TMJ pain treatment

As TMJ patients search for alternative treatments to manage their pain, a doctor may have suggested the possibility of trying Botox, Xeomin injections directly into the chewing (masseter and temporalis) muscles to relax these muscles. In addition to its well-publicized cosmetic uses, Botox has been approved by the FDA for painful conditions potentially related to TMJ, such as migraine.

Before we ask whether these neuromodulators can help reduce your TMJ pain, we need to ask a more basic question: Is it safe to use Botox/Xeomin in this way? When injected into muscles, this medication causes a partial relaxation of those muscles. This relaxation reduces excessive forces on the TM joint and your teeth. The Botox/Xeomin is an alternative treatment for TMJ disorders and jaw tension is usually quick, straightforward, and effective. Most patients experience noticeable improvement within one or two days of their first treatment, although relief can take up to a week. Depending on the patient this condition may require an oral appliance and bite adjustment in addition to muscle relaxation. Dr. Bauer will be able to better evaluate and make a recommendation at the time of consultation.